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Funded research projects



Project title: The Individualisation of War: Reconfiguring the Ethics, Law, and Politics of Armed Conflict

Project holder: Jennifer Welsh

Project description:

This path-breaking interdisciplinary project critically analyses the impact of the increased prominence of the individual in the theory and practice of armed conflict. The ‘individualisation of war’, while based on powerful normative and technological developments, places enormous strain on the actors most actively engaged in contexts of conflict: the governments and armed forces of states, international security organisations, and humanitarian agencies. 

Expiry: April 2019



Project title: POLCON - Political Conflict in Europe in the Shadow of the Great Recession

Project holder: Hans-Peter Kriesi

Project description:

This ERC research project assesses the contemporary development of European democracies and the politicization of the European integration process in the shadow of the Great Recession which started with the breakdown of Lehman Brothers in Autumn 2008 and is still ongoing. To grasp the political consequences of the economic crisis, the project proposes a combination of a comparative-static analysis of thirty European countries and a dynamic analysis of political conflict in a selected number of cases. It intends to link the study of elections to the study of political protest, covering Western, Southern, as well as Central and Eastern European countries.

Expiry: February 2019




Project title: Gender and Education in Germany

Project holder: Hans-Peter Blossfeld

Project description

The aim of the project is to study how gender-specific interests, motivations, competences, and decision making unfold over the life course in relation to family background, educational institutions, workplaces, and private life events.The project studies gender-specific disparities in different stages of the educational and occupational career, utilizing longitudinal data from the new National Educational Panel Study (NEPS). 

Expiry: October 2017



Project title: Socioeconomic Status and Health: Disentangling causal pathways in a life course perspective

Project holder: Rasmus Hoffmann

Project description:

People with lower income or lower educational level have worse health and higher mortality. This project addresses the two basic underlying questions for this finding: How does your socioeconomic status determine your health? And how does your health determine your socioeconomic status? The project studies life courses of persons aged 50+ at the time of the interview who were surveyed prospectively, and also retrospectively for their entire life history starting at childhood. Our results will provide important new insight into the dual relationship between SES and health and will help to understand and to tackle social differences in health.  

Expiry: January 2017 



Project title: Families and Societies

Project holder: Fabrizio Bernardi

Project description

The main objective of this FP7 project is the analysis of the effects of family forms and dynamics on children’s short- and long-term welfare. In doing so, the work package also investigates how families contribute to the inter-generational reproduction of inequality.

What will families look like in the future? Are existing social- and family policies compatible with changes in family patterns? These and related questions are addressed in the large-scale integrating project FamiliesAndSocieties – Changing families and sustainable societies: Policy contexts and diversity over the life course and across generations, coordinated by Stockholm University.

Expiry: January 2017





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