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Federico Romero

Co-director of the Alcide De Gasperi Research Centre

Federico Romero  is Professor of History of Post-War European Cooperation and Integration at the Department of History and Civilization at the European University Institute. 

Federico Romero is the Principal Investigator or the ERC project, entitled “Looking West: the European Socialist regimes facing pan-European cooperation and the European Community” (PanEur1970s).

Contact: Federico.Romero@EUI.eu


Dieter Schlenker

Co-director of the Alcide De Gasperi Research Centre

Dieter Schlenker is the Director of the Historical Archives of the European Union since January 2013. Before, he worked for UNESCO, first as archivist at the Paris Headquarters, then as head of the Information and Knowledge Management Unit in Bangkok, Thailand. Previously, he worked as Records Manager at Ford Company European Headquarters in Cologne and at FAO Headquarters in Rome. Describing himself as “an archivist by profession and heart”, Schlenker holds an Archivist Diploma from the Archival School of the Vatican Secret Archive and a PhD in Modern History from the University of Heidelberg, Germany.

Contact: Dieter.Schlenker@eui.eu 

Silvia Sassano1

Silvia Sassano

Research Assistant

Silvia Sassano is a Research Assistant at the Alcide De Gasperi Research Centre at the European University Institute and since 2013 she has been appointed as “Cultore della materia” in Contemporary History and European Integration History at the University of Siena (Italy). She holds a MA in International relations and European studies (2010) from the University of Siena (Italy), a MA in European Studies (2008) from the University of Montpellier I (France) and a PhD in the History and Politics of European integration (2016) from the University of Pavia (Italy). Her main research interests lie in the History of the EEC/EU Policies and the History of the EEC/EU institutions, with a particular focus on European Cohesion Policy, European Territorial Co-operation, EU enlargements and on the inter-institutional relations/dialogue between European Parliament, European Commission and Council of the European Union.  

Contact: Silvia.Sassano@EUI.eu


Benedetto Zaccaria

Research Assistant 

Benedetto Zaccaria is a Research Assistant at the Alcide De Gasperi Research Centre of the European University Institute and a Teaching Assistant in History of International Relations at LUISS Guido Carli, Rome. He holds a MA in International Politics and Diplomacy (2010) from the University of Padova and a PhD in Political Systems and Institutional Change (2014) from the IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca, Italy. His main research interests lie in the European integration process and the history of the Cold War in Europe.

Contact: Benedetto.Zaccaria@EUI.eu


Angela Romano

Research Assistant

Angela Romano is a Senior Research Fellow at the Department of History and Civilization at the European University Institute. Romano is a historian of 20th Century International Relations. Her expertise spans the Cold War, external relations of the EC/EU, integration processes in Europe, East-West economic relations, and the CSCE process. She has published extensively on these subjects and has been invited to several conferences, workshops, and seminars in Europe, Russia, the US, and Japan. She is currently finalising her second monograph – The European Community and Eastern Europe in the Cold War (Routledge, late 2016). The research leading to this book received funding from the EU’s FP7/2007-2013] under grant agreement n° 2010-273072. She is the project manager and EC expert of the ERC project PanEur1970s.

Contact: Angela.Romano@EUI.eu


Claudia Fanti

Adminstrative assistant

Claudia Fanti holds a degree in Intercultural and Interlinguistic Studies in 2009 at the University of Florence (Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia); After a few months she joined the EUI, starting her traineeship in the Conference Unit of the RSCAS and then in the Florence School of Regulation. She then completed an internship in the UK within the Leonardo da Vinci Programme, European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme. She returned to the EUI in 2012, and worked at the RSCAS as an administrative assistant to various professors before joining the Historical Archives of the European Union in 2015. 

Contact: Claudia.Fanti@EUI.eu

Phone: +39 055 4685662 


Visiting Fellows

Christos Tsakas

Christos Tsakas

Research Assistant

Christos Tsakas is a historian and a Max Weber Fellow at the EUI, working on EEC enlargement from a business perspective. Christos holds a PhD in modern history from the University of Crete (2015). As an external researcher at the Institute for Mediterranean Studies/FORTH he initiated the IMS archives and oral history project, documenting the postwar Greek industrialization with an emphasis on the Greek junta years. Before moving to Florence, Christos was a postdoctoral researcher at the Free University of Berlin (2015–17), working on German–Greek relations in the context of European integration. 

Contact: Christos.Tsakas@EUI.eu


Elitza Stanoeva

Research Assistant

Elitza Stanoeva is a historian whose research interests are concentrated in the socialist history of Eastern and Central Europe, more specifically socialist bureaucracy and institutional processes; command economy and economic policies; urbanization and city development; monuments, celebrations and visual propaganda. She received her Ph.D. from the Technical University of Berlin after completing her doctoral studies at the TU’s Center for Metropolitan Studies. She has held postdoctoral fellowships at the Institute for Advanced Study in Konstanz, the Center for Contemporary History in Potsdam and the Center for Advanced Study in Sofia. She has also been a Visiting Assistant Professor at Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” where she taught an MA course in Urban History.

Contact: Elitza.Stanoeva@EUI.eu

Emmanuel Mourlon-Druol

Emmanuel Mourlon-Druol

Research Assistant

Emmanuel Mourlon-Druol is Senior Lecturer at the University of Glasgow’s Adam Smith Business School, and Jean Monnet Fellow at the RSCAS at the European University Institute (2017/2018). He is also Non Resident Fellow at Bruegel. Emmanuel holds a BA (Hons) in European Studies from Sciences Po, Strasbourg, an MSc (Distinction) in International History from the London School of Economics, and a PhD from the EUI. Prior to joining the Adam Smith Business School, he has been Pinto Post-Doctoral Fellow at the LSE, and Research Associate in the Economic History Department at the University of Glasgow. Emmanuel is Principal Investigator on the project EURECON - The Making of a Lopsided Union: Economic Integration in the EEC, 1957-1992 funded by a Starting Grant of the European Research Council (ERC).

Contact: Emmanuel.Mourlon-Druol@glasgow.ac.uk

Giuliano Garavini

Giuliano Garavini

Research Assistant

Giuliano Garavini (PhD, University of Florence, 2006) is currently Fernand Braudel Fellow at the Department of History and Civilization at the European University Institute and Visiting Scholar at NYU Abu Dhabi. He is the author of After Empires. European Integration, Decolonization and the Challenge from the Global South, 1957-1986 (OUP, 2012) and co-editor of Oil ShockThe 1973 Crisis and its Economic Legacy (IB Tauris, 2016) and of L’Europe et la question énergétique: Les années 1960/1980 (Peter Lang, 2016). He has written and managed research projects on the international politics of energy and natural resources.His next book, provisionally entitled OPEC: A History of Petroleum, will be published by Oxford University Press.

During his Fernand Braudel Fellowship, he plans to work on a ERC Consolidator Grant on the management of natural resources from the 19th to the 20th century.

Contact: Giuliano.Garavini@EUI.eu


Luciano Bardi

Visiting Fellow (2017-2018)

Luciano Bardi is Professor of Comparative Politics and International Relations at the University of Pisa. He was member of the Executive Committee (2006-2009) of the European Consortium of Political Research (ECPR) and then Chair (2009-2012). His main research interests include political parties at the national and European level, party systems, elections, democracy and representation in the European Parliament. He has published extensively in the field of Comparative European Politics, EU Parties and Party System.

Contact: luciano.bardi@eui.eu


Pavel Szobi

Research Assistant

Pavel Szobi is a historian specializing in the history of 20th Century. He focuses on the period following the World War II, particularly dealing with the Eastern Bloc, COMECON and Czechoslovakia, as well as history of Iberian Peninsula. His research results have been presented at various workshops and conferences across Europe. His findings were published in several scientific journals and volumes (see the extended CV/List of publications). Dr Szobi worked in 2007-2016 as assistant professor at the Department of Economic History at the University of Economics in Prague and realized short teaching/research assignments in other institutions, such as the University of Coimbra, University of Cologne or University of New Orleans.

Contact: Pavel.Szobi@EUI.eu


Former Visiting Fellows


Pál Germuska

Research Assistant (Oct 2015 - Sept 2017)

Pál Germuska is a Senior Research Fellow at the Department of History and Civilization at the European University Institute. Germuska is a historian with interests in the history of urban development, military industry, the COMECON, industrial and economic policy of the Socialist period. He received his Ph.D. in social history, from the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. He was contributor of edited volumes and special journal issues, his first English book was published by the Lexington Books, in the Harvard Cold War Studies Book Series: Unified Military Industries of the Soviet Bloc: Hungary and the Division of Labor in Military Production. He is the Hungarian expert of the ERC project, entitled “Looking West: the European Socialist regimes facing pan-European cooperation and the European Community” (PanEur1970s).

Contact:  Pal.Germuska@EUI.eu


Stefanie Pukallus

Visiting Fellow (January 2017)

Stefanie Pukallus is part of the international team of historians writing the third volume of the official European Commission history entitled 'The European Commission, 1986-2000: History and Memories'. Her chapter focuses on the European Commission's public communication strategy and programmes, the monitoring and measuring of EU public opinion and the Spokesman's Service. She was a visiting fellow at the Alcide De Gasperi Centre on the History of European Integration in January 2017. She is also part of the Oral History Team at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence. She specialises in how the European Community has developed and publicly communicated civil values and policies since 1951 in an attempt to stimulate and facilitate the emergence of a European civil society.  Her recent publications include: Representations of EU Citizenship since 1951 (2016) and The Building of Civil Europe 1951-72 (2019).

Contact: s.pukallus@sheffield.ac.uk

Suvi Kansikas

Suvi Kansikas

Research Assistant (September - November 2017)

Suvi Kansikas is a historian working on Soviet bloc foreign and foreign trade policy and European integration history. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Helsinki, where she is currently an Academy of Finland postdoctoral fellow working at the Network of European Studies. She is a visiting fellow at the EUI for the autumn 2017 semester. Her current research project focuses on the collapse of the Soviet Union and its bloc. Her recent publications include "Calculating the Burden of Empire: Soviet Oil, East–West Trade, and the End of the Socialist Bloc" in Cold War Energy. A Transnational History of Soviet Oil and Gas (Jeronim Perovic ed., Palgrave MacMillan, 2017) and Socialist Countries Face the European Community: Soviet-Bloc Controversies over East-West Trade (Peter Lang, 2014).

Contact: Suvi.Kansikas@EUI.eu


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