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New exhibition on the Rosselli brothers

Posted on 01 December 2017

The Historical Archives of the European Union will be hosting the Inauguration of the historical-photographic exhibition on Carlo and Nello Rosselli on 4 December 2017 at Villa Salviati in Florence.

The exhibition, organized by the Circolo Rosselli Foundation, is part of the 80th anniversary Commemoration of the assassination of Carlo and Nello Rosselli. It will be inaugurated in the presence of Valdo Spini, President of the Circolo Rosselli Foundation and Prof. Renaud Dehousse, President of the European University Institute.

The event will also feature presentations about the Rosselli brothers by Prof. Ariane Landuyt of the University of Siena and the editors of the Quartet "Carlo and Nello Rosselli in the 80th of the Assassination", Prof. Eric Vial and Prof. Alessandro Giacone.

The Rosselli brothers were key figures in the Italian anti-fascism movement during the Second World War. Both socialists, Carlo and Nello Rosselli were actively involved in Italian politics and went on to establish the anti-fascist militant movement Giustizia e Libertà. The brothers believed in a political ideology, developed by Carlo Roselli, which he called “Liberal Socialism” and was heavily inspired by the success of the British Labour Party at the time. They were assassinated in June 1937 by a French fascist group, likely on the orders of Mussolini.

To read the programme and register for the event, check out our events page.