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Economics Department Services

VLF2016VillaLF16The Departmental Library is located at Villa La Fonte (VLF-035, 2nd floor). Due to heavy demand, the 500 books and manuals may only be used in the departmental building.

Economists have 24-hour access to the VLF collection, using EUI card. 30-day loan copies of all titles may be requested for delivery from the Badia Library. Books and manuals must be returned to the Departmental Library at the end of every working day.

In-Department Research Support

The Information Specialist, Thomas Bourke, is in the Department on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 15:00 to 18:30. The telephone extension is 2904. At other times the Specialist is at the Badia Fiesolana (ext.2346). Correspondence should be sent to econlibrary@eui.eu


Books and manuals in the Departmental Library

VLFbiblio2016All books and data manuals in the Departmental Library are listed here. Links to eBooks are in the second column (EUI members only). Shelfmarks of books and manuals are indicated in the right column (same classification system as Badia Library). To propose new titles, and new editions of books and data manuals for the VLF Library, write to econlibrary@eui.eu

Departmental Library Rules

Readers must complete the check-out / check-in form for each book:

CHECK OUT: Remove the loan slip from the book endpaper > Fill in the user name and loan date > Place the slip on the shelf where the book was located.

CHECK IN: Take the loan slip from the shelf > Mark the 'in' column > Put the slip back in the book > Replace the book on the shelf.

Books cannot be taken out of the Departmental building (VLF). There are no overnight or weekend loans. The Code of User Rights and Responsibilities applies equally to Researchers, TAs, Fellows and Professors.


Book Delivery Service: Badia Library to Economics Department

DeliveryVan80x80Books and manuals may be requested for delivery from the Badia Library to the Economics Department (Villa La Fonte) and other EUI campus buildings.

1)   Locate books in the Library Catalogue - being careful to select the edition(s) required

2)   Click on 'Place hold'

3)   Log into ‘My Library Account’ by entering the 14 digits on the EUI card. For password, use the last five digits on the card

4)   Select ‘VLF’ as location for delivery, and click the green button. A message is sent to the user when books are dispatched from the Badia Library. (Books may also be collected at the Badia Library issue desk.)

5)   Collect books at at the VLF Porters’ office between 08:30 and 19:00 on weekdays.

Books may be returned via the book-drop box in the foyer at Villa La Fonte. eBook versions of heavily-used Economics Department course texts are linked from this inventory.


Article Delivery Service (Badia Library to Economics Department) 

Photocopies of articles not available online may be requested for delivery from the Badia Library to the Economics Department. Send bibliographical details to econlibrary@eui.eu  Before placing a request, check the Library Catalogue for online access.


Weekly e-Bulletin: Economics & Statistics

eBulletinEvery Friday during term, the EUI Library issues the e-Bulletin of Economics Resources and Statistical Data.

The e-Bulletin provides updates about statistical data, journals, new books and ebooks - and information on how to use Library databases and internet resources for economic and socio-economic research. Members of the EUI Economics Department are included by default.

Non-economists can sign up with an @eui.eu account. Send a message with 'subscribe' in the title to econlibrary@eui.eu  The e-Bulletin is not distributed to non-EUI mail accounts.


Offsite Storage Request

Books in storage, and archived paper journals, may be requested by completing the Storage Request Form. Check the Catalogue for online access before making a request. Periodicals retrieved from storage may only be consulted at the Badia Library. Photocopies of articles not available online may be requested for delivery from the Badia to the Economics Department, by writing to econlibrary@eui.eu  Storage materials can be collected at the Badia Library issue desk, or requested for delivery to the Economics Department.


Inter-library Loan Service: articles and books

Articles requested via inter-library loan are either (i) emailed to the requestor in PDF format, or (ii) sent to the Economics Department via internal post.

Books requested via inter-library loan can be either (i) collected at the Badia Library issue desk, or (ii) requested for onward delivery to the Economics Department (enter 'ILL pickup' in the notes field).


News Sources: premium access

FTmobileThe Library provides premium online news resources for EUI members - including The Financial Times, The Economist and the New York Times International.

In the Economics Department, paper copies of La Reppublica, the New York Times and The Economist are available on the news rack in the Villa La Fonte dining room.

At the Badia Fiesolana, paper copies of Il Sole 24 Ore, The Economist, Bloomberg Businessweek and Times Higher Education are available in the periodicals display on the left side of the entry-level floor. A selection of international newspapers is available in the Badia café.

Multi-source, searchable, digital news archives are also available to EUI members:

Book reviews are available in the New York Review of Books, Times Literary Supplement and London Review of Books. Paper versions of these publications are also available on the left side of the entry-level floor at the Badia Library. Further details are in the Library Economic News Resources directory.


New Books Notice Board

Cover photocopies of all new economics books, ebooks and manuals are displayed on the Departmental Library notice board on the second floor of Villa La Fonte. The board is updated every Friday during term. All new acquisitions and statistical data updates are announced in the weekly Economics & Statistics e-Bulletin. New acquisitions are also displayed on the collection homepage. To suggest new titles and new editions of bookks and data manuals - in any language - please write to econlibrary@eui.eu


Research Support

  • Write to Thomas Bourke, econlibrary@eui.eu for research support, or visit one of the two information desks:
  • Badia Library Office (BF-085, right side of entry-level floor): every weekday mornings and Tuesday and Thursday afternoons (tel. 2346)
  • Economics Departmental Library (VLF-035, second floor): Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons (tel. 2904)
  • Economics Collection homepage



Villa La Fonte
Photo by Riccardo Mongiu



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